Friday, February 18, 2011

How To: Disable Or Remove Facebook Timeline Beta Profile

You might have read our post on how to enable Facebook’s new Timeline profile but realised that none of your friends cant see this profile so you are thinking to bringing back your old Facebook Profile page. Some people may not like this new profile page and willing to bring back old Facebook Profile page. For all the guys/gals who want to come back to old Facebook profile here is the simple way to do it.
Facebook Old Profile Page
Before we do that, I just want to confirm that you have created a new Facebook app with Facebook developer account and enabled Open Graph features in order to get Facebook Timeline. If you have used this method to enable Facebook Timeline profile then following very simple steps helps you to get rid of timeline profile.
Click here to go to Facebook Apps page.
Click on the app you have created where you have enabled Open Graph from the left hand side navigation menu.
Click on Edit Open Graph as shown in the below picture.
Facebook App Page
Delete all three Open Graph settings by clicking on the buttons mentioned below.
Facebook Open Graphs Settings Page
Just go back to your profile page in Facebook home page, you can see your old Facebook profile page is back.
UPDATE: Facebook Timeline is now available for everyone worldwide. Above method may not work for the user who got final version of Timeline. Click here to read detailed information about the Timeline.