Sunday, March 25, 2012

Change Facebook Name after Limits (SOLUTION)

by Change FB Name After Limit - & - Remove Limit Forever on Sunday, 8 May 2011 at 22:53 ·
I saw you guys with a problem to change name after limits..
In this process basically you will be going to deactivate your account,, It is totally secure..,
And you have not to deactivate the account in real.., You are going to secure it

======================== FOLLOW STEPS ==========================
i). First of all Go toaccount settings of your account andchange your name from already listed names in the drop-down menu of name settings... (Very Important - do not miss it, or you can not change name)
ii). Now Click on deactivate your account
iii). In 'Reason for Leaving' select the option My Account was Hacked
iii). Now a box will be displayed with a text "You can secure your account here." you have to click on'Here'  and follow the steps..

====================== In Case of any PROBLEM =====================

First Step is very important.. Do not miss it...
Please not that if you does not change your 'Name' in account settings and try to deactivate the account with option "My account was Hacked" then you will not be given the option to change the name...

--> So first step is important... ( Step-i above)

Again i am saying that "Select any other name from your list if you have been using your current name continuously from the last change , and update it..." Otherwise name change will not be offered while securing the account..
And be care full while changing your password... do remember it...
Be Happy and help others every where, in every field,, regard-less of religion and nations..

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